Using FastCap Kaizen foam

Single Function Tool Organizing

I try to maintain a philosophy regarding organization. Basically, I don’t store parts and consumables in my tool boxes, and I don’t store tools in my parts boxes. There is one exception, I keep electrical tape in my tool box with my wire strippers and cutters.

I store tools in two different ways throughout my shop. The front half of the shop is set aside for small scale manufacturing. In there I store tools in drawers grouped by the job to be performed at a particular station. So i may have screwdrivers stored with wire cutters and tweezers. I use Kaizen from from FastCap to organize these drawers. When we go to grab for a particular tool it is always in the same spot and it is obvious if the tool is missing.

In the back area of the shop which is meant for more general purpose work I store tools based on their function- all screw drivers in one drawer, wrenches in another, etc.

While organizing the new parts storage area, the thought occurred to me that there was another exception to my storage philosophy. I have a case full of electric ferrules. It made sense that the crimping tool should be stored with the consumables in this instance. This could be extended to any situation where the tool is a single function and used with consumables, for instance rivets. I removed enough bins in the parts case to make room for the tool. The Kaizen foam holds the tool securely while at the same time preventing the remaining bins from moving around.

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