Machine Name Tag Reproduction

Machinery Tag Reproduction

This week I’m working on reproducing the machinery tags on the Enco HexTurret tailstock. Working from a picture of the original machine tag plate, I use Photoshop to create a replica. Then I send the completed artwork to my A4 size UV cure DTS printer. The “Direct to Substrate” printer is a heavily modified Epson L800 ink jet printer.

To modify these printers, they replace the normal paper feed mechanism with a flat bed. Then they mount a UV curing LED light to the side of the print head. Finally, a bulk feed system containing a UV curable ink replaces the individual ink cartridges. The intended application for these printers is custom phone case printing but they have tons of other uses. Normally I use this for printing labels on electrical enclosures but this seemed like a perfect application.

They are a bit of a maintenance headache though and it has taken me several years to develop a routine that minimizes the pain.

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