Visiting the 2020 Cabin Fever Expo Auction

Cabin Fever Expo 2020- Auction and Model Engineering show

I visit the Cabin Fever Expo 2020 with a focus on the auction and consignment sales areas. This is my first year back to the Expo since it left the York Fairgrounds and moved to Lebanon PA. This year, the Cabin Fever Friday auction featured a huge number of small gasoline “Hit and Miss” engines. Also on the auction block: train memorabilia, antique toys, advertising items, and machine tools. There were a pair of Pratt & Whitney horizontal mills that I would have loved to take home. I discovered a nice Atlas 7B Shaper in the consignment sales area. The model engineering portion of the show fills 3 halls at the Lebanon Expo Center with gas & steam Engines​, hot air engines, steam boats sailing on an indoor pond, airplanes, trains, cars, & operating live steam railroads. Also featured was a miniature drag-line and RC construction equipment working a quarry. A number of vendors were present representing all areas of the model engineering and home machine shop hobby.

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