3D Printed Servo Motor Mounting Plate

Spindle Motor Adapter for CNC Mill Retrofit

This week I continue tinkering on our Centroid Acorn CNC mill retrofit by mounting the DMM 750 watt AC servo motor. This part of the project required modifying the existing step pulley bushing to fit the 86M-DHT 0.75kW AC Servo Motor 14mm shaft. A temporary adapter plate was also designed and 3D printed to enable the motor to attach to the top of the DynaMyte 2800 milling machine. Ran into a few roadblocks along the way but ultimately succeeded.

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  1. Great series on the 2800. I have one I still run with the stock controller. The second one I hope to convert with the acorn setup , but maybe a little over my head on the electronics side. You mentioned that the limit switches are no or nc but I didn’t write that down and need to find a replacement switch.
    no or nc ??thank you

    1. Hi Michael, That is a good question. Limit switches are typically normally closed but I have not gotten to that point of the build. I’m not sure what the original DynaMyte switches were. I will check that and get back to you. But– That being said, if you are retrofitting the control system with the Acorn, then it really doesn’t matter too much. You can configure Acorn to use either type.

      1. Hi Pete
        I have a 2800 that the retrofit is stalled due to the spindle drive / motor issues (bad drive) I tried to contact you a while ago when you were thinking about using the DMM motor and drive. Now I see your updating the 750 watt to a 1000 watt. Ill keep watching the videos!

        I think our paths have crossed back in the Ahha days as i remember speaking with someone who used a PLC to run the tool changer. I am no longer running any ahha controlled machines but I still have a fair amount of ahha “stuff” that I cant seem to get rid of! Need anything?

        I have done a few retrofits with acorn, a dyna 2400 refit of an old ahha retrofit, i replaced the old pc based supertech control on a self built small plasma cutter for a guy who makes pool cleaner carts and hitches to haul the carts! I also removed a DSP control form a router and installed an acorn, the performance of that machine was awesome, 34 frame steppers pushing a 4×8 machine around at 1100 ipm reliably!
        Currently Im running another CNC router in my shop that has Yaskawa servos and a tool changer! I keep secretly hoping the control will die so I can upgrade it to Acorn! I am partners with a couple of other guys in a home theater subwoofer company and we use it to cut mdf and baltic birch for our subwoofer line. It keeps me incredibly busy and i cant seem to find the time to work on machines lately. Oh, almost forgot, I also have a Light machines tmc 1000 that belongs to my friend who has the acorn router that is sitting unfinished also due to lack of time! I have tons of pics of these projects if you want to see any of them, send me an email
        I also see your small parts storage box rack that I am assuming you built. Its on a short list of projects I want to do with the cnc router. I believe that there may even be a nice little market for a kit of cnc cut parts to build racks like those. Currently, i have my hardware and small parts stash on 3 aluminum bakers racks that hold 40 storage boxes each. I have a few different types of storage cabinets so I had to modify the carts to hold the different width cabinets. I SLS 3d printed some square tubing extensions/couplers in Nylon that are reinforced with hardened 3/8 stainless linear shafting! https://photos.app.goo.gl/KBq4jOQPYE7V980D2 missing is the 3rd cart with all of the harbor freight storage boxes.

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