DM2800 wiring modifications

Wiring Woes…

The CNC milling machine retrofit marches on with more wiring. I designed the last iteration of the servo motor adapter plate (hopefully). The I 3-D printed the plate with ABS filament and mounted it to the machine. It’s quite possible that the 3-D printed motor adapter is strong enough to machine its own aluminum replacement!

I also built an encoder cable to hook the DYN4 to the Centroid Acorn. In the process I talk more about DB9 /DE9 connectors than you probably ever wanted to hear.

We deal with a failed stepper motor connector from last week and replace all the connectors with a much higher quality Deutsch connector. Then I connected the home switches for all 3 axes to the Acorn controller.

Finally, we get our 240 volts AC finally connected to the machine. Quite a bit of progress this week!

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