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1000 Watt Servo Spindle Motor Install

This week I Installed the 1kW DMM servo spindle motor in place of the 750-Watt motor I originally tried. Although not listed on their website, this motor is readily available. For reference, the DMM-Tech part number for this new servo motor is 86H-DHT-A6MK1. Fortunately, it is the same physical size as the 86M-DHT-A6MK1 750-Watt motor which makes for an easy swap.

In this video I explain the reason behind moving from the 750-Watt motor to the 1 kW motor and discuss the process used for calculating the inertia of the milling machine spindle.

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  1. love your channel!! any chance could you email me the file for the 3 d printed mount for the spindle motor ???? I would love do the same thing you did thanks(Bob)

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