CNC Retrofit What did it Cost?

CNC Retrofit: What Did It Cost?

At the request of a few viewers, I breakdown the costs associated with updating the 30 year old electronic package on our mill. I cover the cost of acquiring the DynaMyte 2800 milling machine, the purchase of the new CNC hardware, and the repair costs of the machine.

I itemize the costs to make it easier to use as a source for your own thumbnail calculations. Every conversion or retrofit is going to be different, and the amount of hardware reused will affect the final cost.

In this case I retrofitted an existing CNC machine so I was able to keep the existing ball-screws. I also made the decision to keep the original stepper motors. This was chosen over the current popular choice of using closed loop steppers or servo motors.

I go on to list the cost of repairs made to the machine. These repairs will probably be different than yours, again, every machine is different. However, hopefully it will give you an idea of the sort of things you may run into through the process.

If you are converting a new manual machine, you will have different costs but the video should still prove useful.

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