Right Angle Gearbox

Right Angle Gearbox Rebuild

This time around I tore into the right angle worm gearbox for our King kiddie ride rebuild.  This gearbox has a ratio of 9.66.  In combination with the chain sprocket, this results in a final speed of about 10 RPM.


Gearbox Mounted on Ride
Gearbox mounted on ride

Completely disassembled the gearbox, gave it a bath, and replaced all the Timken bearings and seals.  We also replaced the belt pulley and hub as the originals were destroyed trying to get them apart.

Abart Gear & Machine Co from Chicago Ill. manufactured this  worm gearbox / speed reducer

  • Type 26-U
  • Ratio 9.66
  • Input RPM 1750
  • Input HP  3.24
  • Class of service 1
  • Output Torque 1093 In Lbs
  • Serial # N-10860

According to the web, Cleveland Gear company  acquired Abart in the 1980's

Gearbox Specs

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