Master Mite Heat Gun Repair

This week I take a few moments to repair my old heat shrink gun. I’ve had this gun forever and it recently broke. I was going to replace it but then discovered that the manufacturer, Master Appliance in Racine Wisconsin, still offers repair parts. They’ve been making heat guns since 1958.

Wiring Woes…

The CNC milling machine retrofit marches on with more wiring. I designed the last iteration of the servo motor adapter plate (hopefully). The I 3-D printed the plate with ABS filament and mounted it to the machine. It’s quite possible that the 3-D printed motor adapter is strong enough to machine its own aluminum replacement!… Continue reading Wiring Woes…

DynaMyte Mill Centroid Acorn Retrofit: more progress

Going down through the punch-list of odds and ends that need to happen to finish this Centroid Acorn mill retrofit on the DynaMyte CNC bed mill. Designed a replacement for the missing Z axis counterweight cover and had a local fab shop make it for me, created new wiring harnesses for all the stepper motors,… Continue reading DynaMyte Mill Centroid Acorn Retrofit: more progress

Dyna Myte DM2800 Restoration Part #003

This week work continued on the Dyna Mechatronics retrofit. I turned my attention to the electrical panel. Reusing the Stepper power supply and spindle drive while updating the controller to a Centroid Acorn and Gecko stepper drives. This week was primarily spent cleaning up the old panel and figuring out the layout for the new… Continue reading Dyna Myte DM2800 Restoration Part #003