DynaMyte Mill Centroid Acorn Retrofit: more progress

Going down through the punch-list of odds and ends that need to happen to finish this Centroid Acorn mill retrofit on the DynaMyte CNC bed mill. Designed a replacement for the missing Z axis counterweight cover and had a local fab shop make it for me, created new wiring harnesses for all the stepper motors,… Continue reading DynaMyte Mill Centroid Acorn Retrofit: more progress

Spindle Motor Adapter for CNC Mill Retrofit

This week I continue tinkering on our Centroid Acorn CNC mill retrofit by mounting the DMM 750 watt AC servo motor. This part of the project required modifying the existing step pulley bushing to fit the 86M-DHT 0.75kW AC Servo Motor 14mm shaft. A temporary adapter plate was also designed and 3D printed to enable… Continue reading Spindle Motor Adapter for CNC Mill Retrofit

Machinery Tag Reproduction

Using a DTS UV printer to replicate Machine ID tags.

This week I’m working on reproducing the machinery tags on the Enco HexTurret tailstock. Working from a picture of the original machine tag plate, I use Photoshop to create a replica. Then I send the completed artwork to my A4 size UV cure DTS printer. The “Direct to Substrate” printer is a heavily modified Epson… Continue reading Machinery Tag Reproduction

Turret Tailstock Restoration Part 2

Continuing on with the lathe turret tailstock restoration. On the agenda this week- de-rusting, stripping, paint prep, some lathe work, blueing and priming- A little bit of everything! This tailstock turret was manufactured by Enco to fit the Clausing Colchester 13″ lathe

Turret Tailstock Restoration

Rebuilding the lathe’s tailstock turret attachment. The Enco turret tailstock is in need of a cleanup. It is missing a few pieces and most of the tooling clamps are jammed. Enco made these HexTurrets to fit specific lathes. This HexTurret fits my Clausing Colchester 13″ Lathe. During this restoration, I’m going to disassemble the tailstock,… Continue reading Turret Tailstock Restoration

Ball Screw Backlash

This week I start looking into the backlash that seems to be present on the Y Axis of our Dyna Myte 2800 Centroid Acorn CNC retrofit. I tear apart the ball nut on the Y axis and repack the bearings.