Animatronic Overhaul

My shop normal day-to-day function is building stuff for museums, amusement parks and haunted attractions. With that in mind I thought I’d give you a look at a quick fix of a animatronic destined for a haunted house. Hope you enjoy!

Dyna Myte DM2800 Restoration Part #003

This week work continued on the Dyna Mechatronics retrofit. I turned my attention to the electrical panel. Reusing the Stepper power supply and spindle drive while updating the controller to a Centroid Acorn and Gecko stepper drives. This week was primarily spent cleaning up the old panel and figuring out the layout for the new… Continue reading Dyna Myte DM2800 Restoration Part #003

Measuring Trick

This was a super quick video I put up to participate in #TipsBlitz19. It is a handy trick to have in your repertoire. This technique allows you to easily divide any length into any number of evenly spaced segments without careful measurement or calculations. This can be useful if you are doing something where you… Continue reading Measuring Trick

Dyna Myte DM2800 Restoration Part #002

Counterweight Fabrication This week I focused on replacing the missing Z axis counterweight. Again, having no history for the machine I have no idea why it was removed- but it certainly needs it. A few visits to CNC forums found some pictures of what the original was supposed to look like. Armed with that information… Continue reading Dyna Myte DM2800 Restoration Part #002