Portland Pressure Washer

Harbor Freight Electric Pressure Washer

Purchased a Harbor Freight Electric Pressure Washer to see if it could tackle the peeling paint on our carnival ride restoration.

This is the 1750 PSI model 63254 / 63255 sold under the Portland brand name.  These go on sale from time to time for about $80.  This seemed like pretty good value if it would work.  I got to this point in my life and have only used a pressure washer a handful of times so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that historically, I didn't use.

I give it a try and investigate the possibility of upgrading with some after market nozzles. Is the Harbor Freight pressure washer up to the task or will more drastic measures be needed?

Future Pete here stopping back to add:   I have used this pressure washer more than I ever expected.  Having it on hand I have found all sorts of applications for it.

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