Backyard Carnival Ride

Vintage Carnival Ride Restoration

Starting a new project series today- I acquired a vintage kiddie ride.
Over the next few months I will focus on restoring this ride to its former glory.

This is a carnival ride called "The Supersonic Rocket". It was built by the King Amusement Co of New Haven Michigan in 1972. I've been researching the history of both the company and this ride in particular. We will dig into the restoration and share what I learn along the way.

In this first installment I introduce the project, talk about what I have discovered and begin to tear the ride apart. Finally, we discuss a game-plan for moving forward with the restoration.

This project is going to require a lot of different skills: Woodworking, machining, electrical, painting, resin molding & casting, and maybe even some aluminum foundry work.

Original Brochure for the King Amusement Company Supersonic Rocket Ride.

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