Describing the CNC Electrical Cabinet Layout

CNC Machine Electrical Wiring Complete!

The CNC machine electrical wiring is complete! This week I finished all the panel wiring for the Centroid Acorn – Dyna Myte 2800 CNC retrofit. This included adding circuit breakers to the 24 Volt power circuits, wiring the interface cable between the DYN4 AC servo drive and the Acorn controller & adding a contactor and AC line filter to the servo drive.

I also cleaned up and repainted the electrical enclosure and got everything mounted back on the Dyna Myte 2800. I then go over the decisions I made regarding the electrical panel layout and discuss all the connections to the Centroid Ether1616, Centroid Acorn, the Gecko G251X stepper drives and the DMMM Dyn4 Servo Drive.

Finally, I go over what is left to do to complete this project. Very productive week and I’m quite pleased and surprised by how well this turned out..

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