CNC Restoration Chip Guard

CNC Restoration Chip Guard Progress

A few more odds and ends on the CNC Milling Machine Restoration. Taking care of a few issues and progress on the chip guards.

This week I track down an oil leak on the DynaMyte 2800 milling machine. The line feeding the Y axis ball nut came undone and oil ended up pumping into the chip tray. A simple repair but unfortunately requires tearing about the X&Y axis assembly.

In the process, I end up stripping out the X axis drive belt and need to replace it.

I had to modify the monitor and keyboard tray position in order to make room for the chip guard. Back in October I discovered that the keyboard tray interfered with the chip guard.

Finally, thanks to a viewer, I received a complete set of the missing sheet metal guards for the mill. This was a big fast forward to the project and saved me a bunch of fabrication time. I refinish the new parts and get them installed on the machine to button up the project.

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  1. DM1007 Dyna CNC Machine .Problem only with a busted (burnt spindle amplifier)
    Free for anyone interested , Located in Fallbrook , San Diego County , California.
    I will be scrapping the machine if no one wants it.

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